Netflix! Felicity! Yay!

8 Sep

So, last Friday I discovered that Felicity is on netflix (it says seasons 1-4 but that is a lie, they only have 1-3, boo [edit: I just finished season three and season four magically appeared. Score!]), so of course I have been binging on it ever since. I’m on season 3 now, and I just have a few random observations I’d like to share with you:

1) It is REALLY weird being older than them now (until I get to season four..woo seniors!). That always freaks me out, whether it’s a show, book, movie, or whatever, especially when I started out watching/reading it when I was significantly younger than the characters. It makes me feel so old!

2) Julie’s birth dad died on my birthday. I do not support using my birthday for something like that. Clearly the writers should have taken that into consideration.

3) Felicity and Ben’s Music of Sadness and Misery that played through their whole break up drama in season four actually started out as Noel and Ruby’s Music of Sadness and Misery during her whole pregnancy drama. And it’s just as annoying when it’s used for them. Sidenote: I’m sad Noel didn’t end up with Ruby, but amused that he ended up with a Ruby look-alike.

4) Felicity’s and Ben’s hair became distractingly similar after she chopped it off, and it bothers me. I don’t know why. Maybe that’s the real reason ratings went down after she did it. Because people share my discomfort with hair similarities. I bet that’s it.

5) Julie was the PINK POWER RANGER, you guys. I mean, of course I knew that already, but the farther away I get from my power rangers loving years, the weirder it becomes. But I like pretending that when she left the show, she was really secretly going off to reunite with Tommy. Tommy and Kimberly, my first ship! They owned my five year old heart.

6) Ben is still my favorite. “My problem is 63% of me thinks you’re a dick!” Never gets old.

7) Felicity is still a really good show! And if you’ve never watched it, you should. Go forth and netflix/rent/buy/watch through other means!


3 Responses to “Netflix! Felicity! Yay!”

  1. sophie May 7, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    Do you know the name of that really sad instrumental tune played in season 4 episode 7 The Storm? I’ve looked every where and even tried Shazam. No such luck.

  2. Sophie May 8, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    Thank you do much! Yes that’s the song. I looked everywhere.

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