Promos! Promos! Get your promos here!

1 Sep

So there have been a flurry of promos and featurettes and so on and so forth in the last week. Here are a few, for Fringe, Parenthood, Parks & Recreation, and Glee all in one convenient location!


I am not sure what I am more mystified by, the fact that Mary Murphy introduced it or the weird leather knight’s-chest-plate looking thing she is wearing as a jumper (?). Oh, Mary. But at least the show looks good! And here’s a bonus one, short, sweet, and creepy (make sure you turn the sound up on this one):

I’m really interested/excited/nervous to see how Peter’s disappearance is going to play out. We’ll clearly be seeing different versions of everyone yet again since now Peter never existed (or died when he was a kid?). But does that mean that our original characters are gone forever? Or once Peter comes back and they remember him (as they inevitably will), will everyone go back to normal? Because one of my problems with the whole Fauxlivia arc was that I missed normal Olivia and normal Walter and didn’t like only seeing them every other week. So if they’re gone forever…I don’t know how I feel about that. But I trust the writers, so we’ll see what happens!

Anyway, here’s a nice Parks & Rec featurette, with a first look at Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1 and Paula Pell as Tammy 0! This is going to be so awesome.


I don’t have much of an opinion based on that except: Jason Ritter!!!! So glad he’s back!

And finally, Glee:

First, check out Blaine at the two second mark. I guess he’s joining New Directions? The promo looks good, but I refuse to get too excited. I still have serious reservations about this show. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and get back to early season one levels of greatness (I’d really just take acceptable at this point, actually), but I’m not holding my breath.


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