Parks and Recreation

29 May

One good thing about almost all my shows being gone during the summer is it gives me lots of catch up and rewatch time. Last week I marathoned the first two seasons of Gossip Girl (and discovered that Rufus is DEFINITELY the most annoying character on that show BY FAR). Then, a couple days ago, I finally started watching Parks and Recreation, at my brother’s urging. And now, I can’t stop. We started in the middle of the second season and got to episode three of season three yesterday. Since he’s gone until Tuesday, I decided to go back to the beginning and catch up to where we started. I’ve now watched ten episodes in a row. I have seven more to go. I may very well watch them all tonight, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure Hulu is trying to brainwash me by showing the same ads over and over (I am now seriously feeling like I should eat oatmeal, play LA Noire, get some Dairy Queen, and then drive to Carowinds while listening to audiobooks). You should definitely check it out–it’s funny, has a good cast (including someone from my home state, which obviously means it’s amazing), and features fun appearances by people like Andy Samberg! Yay! Just make sure to start it when you’ve got a large block of time available, cause it’s highly addictive. Clearly. Also, a warning: The first season was not so beloved by critics, and pretty much everyone seems to agree that there was a huge quality jump in between seasons one and two, but my opinion of it was pretty skewed since I already was obsessed with the show when I watched season one. So if you start watching and aren’t a huge fan, hang in there. The first season’s only six episodes long.

Incidentally, my brother compared its quality over time to The Office: a short, ok first season followed by an excellent second season. Based on that, it should only have about one or two good seasons left in it. All the more reason to start watching now!


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