Glee: New York

25 May

First things first, to save you from the suspense: the New Directions kids did not win Nationals. This is good for three reasons: 1) Coming in twelfth was a bit more realistic than a choir that’s existed for two years winning their first time at Nationals, 2) They should not have been rewarded for writing their songs the DAY before the competition, and 3) It’ll make the inevitable winning as seniors moment next season more important. Because you know they’re not going to let all the originals leave without winning Nationals first.

Some other stuff happened too: Finn and Rachel got back together (on stage, no less), Kurt and Rachel got to sing on the Wicked stage at the Gershwin Theater, Quinn gave up on her revenge plot and cut her hair instead, Kurt and Blaine said I love you to each other, and it turns out Mercedes and Sam are in a secret relationship (though why they want to keep it secret I have no idea). Delightfully, Cheyenne Jackson made a reappearance as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, but not so delightfully, he didn’t get to sing. Someone needs to explain to me why Gwenyth Paltrow gets about a gazillion songs while Cheyenne gets none. And Jonathan Groff, aka Jesse St. James (who it seems, in the wake of the Finn/Rachel reunion, will not be around again anytime soon…sigh), only got one the whole time he was back on the show! Not ok. And another puzzling plot point: Will decided not to be in April’s show on Broadway after all, instead sticking around at McKinley. Over the summer. While no classes are in session. When he definitely could have stayed in New York and not hurt anyone. Whatever, Will.

But the most puzzling part of the entire episode was those original songs. You really expect me to believe that a team competing in a national championship would leave all preparation for their performance to the night before? And I’m so sure they could have written and choreographed that whole performance in less than a day. Including somehow writing a score that whatever orchestra was accompanying all the teams then had to perform with no rehearsal time. I know they can’t be like a real show choir, because watching week after week of the team performing all the same songs would get real dull real fast, but come on. At least pretend like they’ve been working on everything off screen this whole time! I am also hoping against hope that they’ll stop this whole original song concept next season—I get that it saves the network money, but I don’t watch Glee for the original songs, I watch for the covers. Except, of course, for the epically awesome joke songs, which I would gladly have them continue. I will freely admit to loving My Headband, Trouty Mouth, and now, My Cup. But the actual serious ones…no. Just no.

Apparently Glee is bringing in a new writer, so here’s hoping that the new guy will knock some sense into everyone. I can’t give up on this show because it can be so good, but so few episodes this season have reached those heights that it’s incredibly frustrating. Watching the pilot just makes me depressed now because it was so amazing and now the show is so not. The writers just need to have some respect for continuity, come up with actual complete story arcs for characters so that we stop having things like bipolar Quinn and characters learning the same lessons week after week, and start having real plot lines instead of just a series of Very Special Episodes, and we’ll be back in business. Is that so much to ask?


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