Fringe: The Last Sam Weiss

30 Apr

My main thought after watching last night’s episode of Fringe: What in the what?!

So, Peter finally gets into the machine…and then gets thrown at least 15 years into the future while some sort of intense battle is going on? I was not expecting that. I’m assuming that he was still Over Here, since he landed in front of a Twin Towers memorial building (and 9/11 never happened Over There), and in the preview Walternate is all like, you destroyed my world! But then why is there a guy with the Fringe Divison logo from Over There, and why is Walternate still alive to say that? Also, Peter was definitely wearing a wedding ring. Just putting that out there.

Going into the finale (next week!) my main questions are obviously why the heck Peter got thrown into the future and why New York seems to be a massive war zone. But I’m also still waiting for them to address something from a couple of weeks ago: after Peter and Walter’s little trip into Olivia’s brain, Peter asked Olivia who the random guy that tried to kill them was, and she said, very calmly, “I think that’s the man who’s going to kill me.” And….it hasn’t been brought up since. Really, show? If they leave that thread hanging I am going to be very upset.

Another dangling plot point I want addressed: there was that whole anagram in the finale that spelled out “Don’t trust Sam Weiss.” But now he seems to just be some dude whose family of guys named Sam Weiss studied the First People? Or something? Also his whole thing to Nina that Peter’s choice between the Olivias would determine which universe would survive seems to have come true—when Peter went into the machine, he was having memory flashes of our Walter and Olivia, and apparently our universe did survive. But I still am not convinced that that’s the end of the story with Sam. At least, I hope it isn’t, or I’m going to be pretty annoyed.

Other thoughts:
• That was some amusing product placement in the beginning when the freak lightening storms were starting and the camera lingered lovingly on the Ford logo on the guy’s car as he was doing some heroic reversing. Ford: we can protect you from terrifying lightening bursts that come out of nowhere!

• Peter, you’re about to maybe die and/or destroy your entire universe, and you can’t say “I love you” back to Olivia? I know you’re all about the looks, or whatever, but still. Cold.

• The cribbing from Alias continues: a mysterious paper from a very long time ago that involves future, world ending events pops up with the main character’s face drawn on it? Yes, they concerned very different events and had very different outcomes (I am very happy they aren’t mangling this plot as much as Alias mangled the whole Rambaldi thing) but it still amused me.

• I liked the resolution of Olivia getting her telekinetic abilities to work: in the episode where she defused the bomb by shutting the lights off with her mind, it only started working after Peter was there. So it was nice continuity instead of cheesiness that she could shut off the machine when he was standing there. But I do hope that at some point she starts to learn how to do all this stuff (crossing over, controlling things with her mind) without needing other people around and/or needing to be terrified.

• Seriously Fox, quit it with the #Fringe on the bottom of the screen.

All in all this was a really good episode and I am counting down the days until next week. And I’m very glad I swore off spoilers awhile ago so whatever happens will actually be a surprise!


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