Why Shonda, Why: Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical

1 Apr

After years of struggling, I finally broke up with Grey’s Anatomy a couple of seasons ago. But when I heard that there was going to be a musical episode, I knew that we would need to have a one night reunion. Here’s the thing: I love musicals. And I’m not just talking Glee, I mean like a musical theater geek love of musicals. This also means that, generally, I love musical episodes of shows. Buffy? Awesome. Scrubs? Awesome. I have next to no faith in the Grey’s Anatomy writers though, so I was pretty 50/50 (or maybe 70/30) about if this Grey’s Anatomy musical episode would be a train wreck or actually good. And oh my goodness, did it ever come down on the side of train wreck.

It was like a musical done by people who have never in their lives seen a musical. The basic justification for them all bursting into song was, as far as I could tell, supposed to be that after Callie’s car accident, her brain trauma was causing her to hear/see everyone (including herself) singing. But there were a lot of scenes where she was not around but people were still singing. And on top of that, they would sometimes randomly go between singing and talking in a very weird, non-musical-y way. To make matters worse, because they were singing non-original songs (and thank goodness for that), most of the time, it made no sense for them to be singing what they were. Example: Hunt singing How We Operate as if he’s arguing his point for uh, how they should operate on Callie. But no. He’s just singing a song that happens to have a relevant title. Same with Lexie going off to comfort Mark…just because the chorus of a song says ‘just breathe’ doesn’t mean that the song is at all relevant to what is happening or Lexie’s/Mark’s situation. And then there was Bailey singing ‘Wait’, a song about losing a guy, as if she is stressing over Callie. And don’t even get me started on the random couples montage that was completely tonally out of place.

The thing is, I feel like this could have actually been a pretty good episode without all the singing. Plot holes aside (seriously, was every single doctor in the hospital with Callie? Does the hospital suddenly have no other patients?), it certainly had the potential to be better than the state the show was in when I finally gave up on it. It even had Scott Foley! As completely amazing as Sara Ramirez’s voice is (and as surprisingly musical as the whole cast turned out to be—I didn’t know anyone other than Sara and Chandra could sing), it was really not necessary to make this what basically amounted to an hour-long, trippy, cheesily awful music video. It’s probably not a good sign that my main reaction to every scene with singing was to laugh, and then wish I were watching the Scrubs musical episode. Fail, Grey’s Anatomy. Total fail.


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