Fringe: Bloodlines

26 Mar

First, some good news: Fringe was renewed for a full season! Hallelujah!
And now, some bad news: Fringe isn’t going to be back for three weeks. Drat you, Fox!

As for last night’s episode, I think it was one of the best Over There episodes so far. I like that it moved so much stuff along…Fauxlivia has her baby (in the quickest labor ever in the world), Henry comes back and clues Charlie and Lincoln into the fact that the two Olivias were switched, and it’s pretty much confirmed (again) that Walternate is eeeevil. I definitely didn’t see it coming that Walternate was the one behind Faux’s kidnapping, so nice job, show! It also finally made me actually care a smidgen about Faux…enough that I was even a little relieved when she didn’t die. I do wonder what’s going to happen with her kid though…in that one episode waaaay back in the beginning of season one, the gross thing of the week was that woman getting injected with something that made her go from not pregnant to nine months pregnant to giving birth in a few hours, and then kept the baby growing until he died the same day an old, shriveled, new born man. Obviously this baby was not rapidly aging into an old man, but still, there have to be SOME negative consequences to being accelerated in hours from a six week (ish) old fetus to a baby ready to come out. I do wonder what Walternate is going to do with that blood sample from him…clearly nothing good based on the Observer showing up and being all, “It is happening” (and also based on the fact that it’s Walternate). I’m thinking he’s going to try to clone Peter to run the machine so that a) he can still accomplish his plan even without Peter and b) his real kid doesn’t get hurt. But who really knows with Walternate, the guy who’ll willingly do lethal experiments on adults and give the ok on killing people to dissect their brains and so on and so forth but draws the line at experimenting on kids. Except for when the kid is his grandson, I guess, in which case he will willingly have the mother kidnapped and injected with a creepy growth liquid to make the baby pop out faster. Oh Walternate, you crazy man!

As I said, I liked this episode. But the trouble is, whenever there’s an Over There episode, I’m entertained, but then I see the previews for the next episode and I realize how much I missed all the normal Over Here characters (though I do love alternate Lincoln and Charlie–I wish they’d bring them to our side!). It’s really like they’re two different shows, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing–in fact, it’s pretty impressive that with the same actors playing the same characters (in name, anyway), the writers have managed to make Over Here and Over There episodes so distinct. But when I’ve only been watching one of those shows from the beginning, that’s the one I want to see every week. It’s especially hard when the previews for the next episode make it look awesome and then say it isn’t going to air for three weeks–I would much rather wait three weeks for an Over There episode! It also means that it’s going to be over a month without Olivia (last week she was possessed by Bell, this week was Faux, and then in three weeks they’re going to try to get her back but she probably won’t be totally back to normal until the week after). I actually like Olivia, writers! I’d like her to stick around for once without her getting possessed/brainwashed or checking in on her alternate self! Sigh.


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