Fringe: Os

12 Mar

Ok, I have thoughts on this episode. But the most important thing that must be said about this episode is this: Anna Torv’s Olivia-as-William voice is HILARIOUS. Like, seriously. I laughed out loud when that came out of her mouth. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through a whole episode of that next week (please, please let it just be one episode).

Which brings us to my thoughts. So, most of the show can basically be summed up as: “Seriously guys, Walter screwed up the universe in a major way when he crossed over” and “Peter + Olivia = TrueLove4Ever.” The really important stuff came in the last five minutes, when Walter realized that William’s soul could be recalled by ringing that bell that triggered Olivia’s memories of crossing over back in season two. And then that soul floated right into Olivia (yeah, I don’t really get it either). So now Olivia is William. Which, I am sorry, is SO STUPID. I’ve put a lot of faith in these writers to make absurd things seem not so absurd, but I really don’t know how they can pull this one off. Besides, I don’t want to see Olivia as William. I just spent the whole first part of the season seeing Olivia as Fauxlivia. I don’t need to see her as yet another character. I like Olivia, writers! Keep her around, please! And OF COURSE this happens right after Peter and Olivia finally get together for real. And I’d bet anything that once this is resolved, they’re going to find out about Fauxlivia’s baby. Which I doubt is going to go over well. Why are you doing this to me, show? Why??

Sigh. I still love you, Fringe. But you’re officially on notice.


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