New shows! Yay!

5 Mar

I have so many shows that I already watch that I tend to limit what new shows I take on. But this year, since I’ve finally fully stopped watching Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, I had some room in my schedule to add on. I started with Off the Map, since Caroline Dhavernas and Zach Gilford are in it, but it was just so bad I had to stop. But now I’ve found two shows I feel pretty good about sticking with.

So a couple of weeks ago, my friend Becca, who watches almost all the same things I do, told me about a Canadian show called Being Erica. I’d never heard of it, but she loves it, so I agreed to start watching it. In exchange, I lent her my Wonderfalls DVDs for her to watch. I told her that Lee Pace, from Pushing Daisies (which was created by one of the Wonderfalls creators), was in Wonderfalls, so when I got a text from her telling me that the guy from Wonderfalls was in Being Erica too, I figured that’s who she meant. But then when I looked up the show in preparation for watching it, I found out she actually meant Tyron Leitso, the love interest in Wonderfalls who I had not seen in anything since. And it turns out this was the perfect role for him, because he is basically the exact same character as on Wonderfalls: a guy who separates (and later gets divorced) from his wife after she cheats on him, moves, falls in love with a brunette with a black best friend and semi-magical secret (in Wonderfalls: animal figurines/pictures talk to her, in Being Erica: her therapist sends her traveling to her past to fix regrets), briefly gets together with said brunette before reconciling with his wife, then finally getting rid of the wife and getting back with the brunette. There are obviously some differences, and I’m in the second season now so he’s branched out a bit, but still. For awhile after I got done watching episodes of Being Erica all I wanted to do was watch Wonderfalls. I do think though that the weird similarities in the two shows just further prove the fact that Becca and I are TV soulmates. And it is a good show, despite some inevitable headache inducing paradox-y stuff. I am not looking forward to the day when I catch up on Hulu (it’s in its third season right now) and have to start waiting a week for new episodes like usual.

The other new show on my list is Mr. Sunshine, Matthew Perry’s show on ABC. It just started a few weeks, and I checked it out because I love Matthew Perry. It’s not Modern Family level or anything, but it’s funny enough, and a pleasant way to spend 30 minutes. The main thing about it that guarantees I will keep watching, though, is the theme song. It’s seriously my favorite thing about the show. It’s just an animation of a sun while a guy goes Miiiister Suuunshine yaaaay, but it’s WONDERFUL. In fact, watch for yourself:

See? Doesn’t that just make you want to watch the show? I know.


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