Glee: Silly Love Songs

9 Feb

Miracle of miracles, I actually (mostly) enjoyed Glee tonight! It was especially nice after the bad Superbowl episode of which we will not speak. Or at least limit the speaking of to this: why did Quinn, Santana, and Brittany have to quit glee club for missing a half time show? Seriously, it makes no sense at all! Argh!

Anyway. Last night’s episode! Valentine’s day episode, of course. Kurt’s in love with Blaine but Blaine’s in love with a random Gap employee who he decides to serenade with the warblers. It backfires, getting the Gap employee fired (really? It’s his fault a group of boys in identical suits did a flash singing in the store?) and Blaine shut down. Blaine and Kurt later have a heart to heart and decide to stay just friends for now. At McKinley, the week’s assignment is for everyone to sing love songs. Mike and Artie do a duet (or whatever it’s called when one sings and one dances) to Pretty Young Thing, complete with a hilariously awkward introduction in which they talk about the fact that they are dorks dating two hot girls. They fail to mention the fact that one of said hot girls has dated both of them. Tina (aforementioned said hot girl) sings “My Funny Valentine” to Mike, but breaks down crying in the middle of it, apparently because she is overcome by love. Oooo-k. Puck sings Fat Bottomed Girls to Lauren, who he is suddenly in love with, but she just gets offended. After an episode of wooing though, he finally gets her to agree to spend Valentine’s Day with him. But just as friends. She also beats up Santana, who is mad that Puck is ignoring her, so I guess we’re done with that whole anti-bullying storyline. As for Quinn and Finn, Finn has inexplicably decided that he wants her back, and decides to do a kissing booth so she’ll be forced to kiss him again. She eventually does and they start having a little affair. But then Santana, who’s mad at Finn for calling her out as being a bad person that no one likes, basically, figures it out and manages to give Finn mono, which gives Quinn mono, which gives Sam no idea of anything. Poor, dumb Sam. After the mono-getting Quinn calls it off until she figures out stuff with Sam and Finn figures out stuff with Rachel, who he is very confusing with in this episode as first he gives her a gold star necklace he got her for Christmas (aw), then tells her he can’t be with her, then tells her he saw fireworks when he kissed Quinn (gag), then tells her he might still have feelings for her, actually. But he does give Rachel her inspiration for her song of the week: Fireworks, that classic by Katy Perry, which she’s singing to herself I guess? The episode ends with the Warblers performing at a “Lonely Hearts Club” dinner as the rest of the cast and other randoms watch happily.

So. As I said, this episode was actually mostly good and enjoyable. Tina’s random crying jag mid-song was completely weird (I thought something was actually wrong, or that she’d gotten mono too!), of course, and I’m slightly confused about when Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel became BFF, but I’d rather that than business as usual of everyone being horrible to Rachel. It also is odd that a junior member of the Warblers gets the lead in every song we see them do, but it’s Darren Criss, so I’m not complaining. The one thing I am going to seriously complain about, though, is Quinn and Finn. Seriously. What are you doing, show? I know by now not to expect realism from you, or continuity, or rationale character development, but still. So Finn thinks maybe the reason things didn’t work out with Rachel is because he’s still in love with Quinn? Does he have amnesia? He tells Rachel he can’t be with her because she cheated on him with Puck (aka she kissed Puck) (which, hello Finn, THAT’S the reason it didn’t work out with Rachel), but he is just fine with getting back together with Quinn after she slept with Puck, got pregnant, and told Finn that he was the Dad?? That is some serious illogical thinking, even from a guy who believed that he got his girlfriend pregnant when they’d never had sex. Gah. I am just going to choose to ignore this whole stupid storyline until it goes away!

Other notes:
• Finn says he kissed every girl in the school, raising $324. There are only 324 in the whole school?
• Best line of the episode goes to Santana: “I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck, you know?”
• This episode was directed by Tate Donovan! Good job Uncle Jimmy! (Apparently he also directed an episode of Gossip Girl…who knew?)
• I wish Darren Criss would get his Harry Potter hair back. I miss it.
• Brittany’s clothes were actually really cute. Yay for no more wearing the Cheerios uniform to school everyday!


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