Well hey there

22 Jan

Since this is a brand new blog, and we’re all still getting to know each other (for example, you possibly didn’t even know what I look like until RIGHT NOW),


I thought I’d talk to you a little before I jump in and start going on about any specific show. So, here’s the thing. I think you can tell a lot about a person based on what shows they watch. I admit that I judge people based on their viewing habits.

Everyone’s allowed their guilty tv pleasures (mine, for example, are 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and various wedding related shows), but if I meet someone and find out all they watch is, say, Two and a Half Men and Jersey Shore, I don’t care how nice they are–we are not going to be friends. If they say they don’t watch any TV at all, not only are we not going to be friends, but I will know to steer clear of them forever because they are clearly not to be trusted. And if ever I find out post-friendship-forming that someone has horrible tv taste or worse, no interest in tv at all, I will make it my personal mission to fix them by getting them to watch all the shows I do. And it works, too! Which really just goes to show that I have terrific taste in TV and people should always listen to me when I tell them to watch something. Like Fringe. And Chuck. And Friday Night Lights. And the late, great Veronica Mars. And my personal favorite, which was taken away from me eons before its time, Wonderfalls.

Just saying.


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