I have a problem…

22 Jan

…And that problem is actor-character association. When I first started watching Gossip Girl, my brain had a heck of a time trying to reconcile Veronica Mars narrating the show. If I ever see Kyle Chandler in another show (and I hope I do since he’s awesome), and he’s married or has any sort of love interest, I know that all I’ll be able to think about is that Tami Taylor is going to kick his behind. And while I love Fringe, and it’s been on for three seasons, and I’m pretty invested in that universe, I still sometimes can’t help but think of Peter as Pacey, the actor’s role on Dawson’s Creek (and also the best part of Dawson’s Creek).

This issue makes it very hard for me when I try to do good deeds for actors. I have been watching ABC’s new show, Off the Map, which is pretty bad, solely because of Caroline Dhavernas, from Wonderfalls, and Zach Gilford, from Friday Night Lights. But every time I see them, I can’t help but think of Jaye and Matt. Which makes me not just find Zach’s character unpleasant, but also feel disappointed in him (at one point I actually thought, Matt, what have you done to yourself? The Taylors will not be pleased). In the case of Off the Map though, I’d like to hold onto that feeling. That show really is not very good, like at all. I don’t think I ever want to get to the point where I think of them as their Off the Map characters (whose names I can’t even remember, that’s how not good the show is) instead of as their characters from their far, far, far superior first shows. Sigh. I miss Wonderfalls. And I’m going to have to start missing Friday Night Lights very soon. Sometimes loving TV is very difficult.


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